Recently, I stayed at THE BLOSSOM HIBIYA. The hotel near Shinbashi Station is located on the 18th floor and above of the building, and all rooms have good views of Tokyo. Blossom is the expanding hotel brand owned by JR (Japan Railway) Kyushu, and the they have two hotels “blossom” Shinjuku, and “THE BLOSSOM” in Hibiya.

In this article, you will see how I enjoyed the hotel, and also get a little tip to get a room with a better view. Also, I’d like to show you the autumn scenery of Hibiya area.

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 If you want a great view of Tokyo from your room, but not too much luxury, The Blossom Hibiya is the hotel to consider. The hotel is located on the top of office building, so even though the property is surrounded by tall buildings, your view from the room is almost guaranteed. Hibiya is an office area in the west of Ginza, south of Tokyo Station. The hotel is located in the south of Hibiya area, rather closer to Shinbashi Station.

After a few minutes walks from Shinbashi station, I found the small entrance of the hotel with elevator to the lobby. As soon as I arrived at the lobby on the 18th floor, I saw an amazing view of Tokyo.

The room I stayed was Standard Twin

The great thing is all rooms are located even higher than the lobby. As soon as I entered my room, I saw a great view of Tokyo – endless blocks of buildings, trains moving in and out of Shinbashi Station, and a bit hidden – Tokyo Tower. The room is a bit thinner than usual for the size, but it wasn’t something that bothered me.

My room category was called Standard Twin Room with 2 beds in 25 square meters.

The room of the Blossom Hibiya

Standard Twin Room

The bath tub was separated from toilet, so it’s a big plus that you can take a bath after a long walk in Tokyo.

bathroom of Blossom Hibiya

It seems many newly opened hotels in this class with bigger than 22-24 square meters have a uniquely designed bath tub and toilet, which are separated. As I’m a big fan of bathing in the hotels, and super clean toilet area (without water spitting from the shower),  having a bath tub and toilet is getting to be an important factor upon choosing a hotel room.

I could see JR Shinbashi Station from my Standard Twin Room.

You can choose the view from your room (kind of)

One note is the hotel has two rooms on two sides, and some room on Hibiya Park side might have an obstacle in the view as there are tall buildings in sight. Some room on Hibiya Park side, especially corner rooms, also must have amazing views, but if you like to see the vast view of Tokyo skyline like the room I stayed, I recommend the room category with Shinbashi Side.

The great thing about The Blossom Hibiya is, once you choose the room category, the view is guaranteed.

Here is how you can choose a room with view. The number is square meters.

  • Standard Double ( 1 bed) Hibiya Park side 22
  • Standard Twin (2 beds) Shinbashi Side 25 (I stayed in this category)
  • Superior Double (1 bed) Shinbashi Side 25
  • Deluxe Double (1 bed) Hibiya Side – Corner Room 31
  • Deluxe Twin (2 beds) Shinbashi Side – Corner Room 34
  • Premium Double (1 bed) Hibiya Side – Corner Room 53
  • Premium Twin (2 beds) Shinbashi Side – Corner Room 61

view from Blossom Hibiya hotel

Tokyo tower was a bit hidden behind the Atago Green Hills Building. The room closer to JR rail (east) must have a slightly better view of Tokyo tower.

I personally don’t recommend rooms under 20 square meters, but fortunately, all rooms in The Blossom is a minimum 22 square meters.

The hotel is considered a 4 star-hotels, and with my opinion, it is a compact sized city hotel or premier business hotel. It is a good combination of mixing the convenience of business hotel and luxury design of a premier hotel.

Other facilities and breakfast

Gym at The Blossom Hibiya.

From the gym area, overlooking Hibiya Park and Imperial Palace.

The hotel also has a gym with limited exercise machines, which is a nice spot to change a mood from the room. Usually a Japanese business hotel is not equipped with gym facility.



The breakfast was Japanese / Western buffet at the restaurant in the lobby floor.

As they advertise, the breakfast as one of the specialties of the hotel, probably my expectation was a bit too high. But they offer a good breakfast for the business hotel, and a bit limited selection as a city hotel.

You can see the hotel’s both view from the restaurant, so choose the seat you like and plan what you gonna do today overlooking the view of Tokyo.

Some downside opinions I see by Japanese people are that the rooms were a bit noisy from outside, and that’s what I also noticed and surprised that I hear sound from city in such a high floor. It might be the ventilation system ? Anyway, I’m sensitive to sound of other people, but not much to the noise from the city, so it wasn’t something that bothered me.

Overall, I enjoyed the stay at The Blossom Hibiya! The location is convenient, and the view was amazing. Even me from Tokyo could enjoy a bit of staycation away from home. I wish I spent some more time at the lobby overlooking the city. I’d like to try the bigger Premium room if I have an opportunity next time.

Around the Hotel –  Hibiya Park

The hotel is right across from the busy area of Shinbashi, and also walking distance to major spots such as Ginza, and Tokyo Station area. There are plenty of places for dining, and if you like bars, it might be fun to look at some drinking place Japanese are gathering.

I visited a park called Hibiya Park in the fall, so I’d like to share it with you. Hibiya Park is one of the major parks in Tokyo.  It’s surrounded by the Palace, Imperial Hotel, and government buildings in the center of Tokyo.

It was a beautiful day!

The location of THE BLOSSOM HIBIYA

Shinbashi is a convenient location as you have access to many trains. Shinbashi Station has JR Yamanote line ( to get around Tokyo), JR Yokosuka line (to Kamakura),  and Toei Asakusa Line (a bit far from Blossom, but direct access to Haneda and Narita airport) , and Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (to Shibuya, Asakusa). You can also walk to Ginza easily from the hotel.